Our Membership

Our Clubs serve more than 3,000 youth in Tulare County each year. Each day our Clubs welcome more than 900 members through their doors, and each young person often stays for more than three hours per visit.
Boys & Girls Clubs are accessible and affordable to all. For only $15 per year any school-age child can become a member. We do not discriminate based on gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, or income.
Membership gives a young person access to nationally-recognized programs and a safe and positive environment to learn and grow.  
52% Male
48% Female
68% Latino
  1% African American
25% Caucasian
  1% Asian
  1% Native American
  4% Multi-Racial/Other
Income: 81% of our members are eligible for free and reduced school lunch.
29% of our members are ages 6-9
45% of our members are ages 10-13
19% of our members are ages 14-16
 7% of our members are ages 17-18
Membership Application - PDF
Membership Application - DOC

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