Menu of Gift Opportunities BY CLUBS:

Building Needs

 Gindick Club House in Visalia

                Asphalt / Pavement  

                Replace rusting fence posts - Done by Spence Fence!  Thank you for fixing our fence!    

                Trim Trees

                Computer Lab – newer computers         

                Heat & Air system upgrade


                 Intercom System

Tulare –

               Room Dividers

                Intercom System

Ivanhoe –

                Pavement on Basketball Court

                Landscaping – Grass / Trees for shade

                Higher Fence in alleyway and by house

                Finish Bottom floor

Exeter – Pine Street

                Seal coat parking lot                

                Garden area 

                Roof over west side

                New Phone System


Farmersville –

                Upstairs Air

                Finish Kitchen 



Menu of Gift Opportunities FOR EXTENDED PROGRAMS:

Expand WOOF

Expand Computer Labs

Support Youth of the Year

Re-open Teen Center – Exeter

Culinary Arts – Exeter

Snack Program – Food Transportation & Ice Chests

Supplies – Digital Cameras

Security Cameras & Lighting

Admin – Voicemail System

Van Serviced

Transportation of Kids

Volunteer Program – Coordinator / Background Checks / Marketing / Recruitment / Training

Marketing – Signage for All Clubs

Multiple Sets of Tables & Chairs for Conference Use (used by all Clubs) 

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