Boys & Girls Club Curriculum tied to CDE Standards

California Department of Education (CDE) has developed content standards in eight areas:

• English-Language Arts

• Mathematics

• Science

• History-Social Science

• Physical Education

• Visual & Performing Arts

• Career Technical Education

• English Language Development

The direct link to the content standards is:

As companions to content standards, CDE has also developed “Curriculum Frameworks”, which are guides to implementing content standards.  The direct link to the curriculum frameworks is:

In order to provide a picture of what content standards alignment looks like, a 3-page chart has been developed, providing examples of content standards that align with various Boys & Girls Club  programs. This chart is in no way an exhaustive list of every content standard that could be linked to a Boys & Girls Club program – it simply provides a few examples designed to illustrate potential connections. For instance – many Boys & Girls Club programs serve a large age range. This chart does not list a standard for every age that might be served by a program.  


Boys & Girls Club Curriculum Content Standard Alignment Chart

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