When does Giving a Gift of Stock Make Sense?

Two fairly common reasons for making a substantial gift of stock are that you may have sold an appreciated asset with a large capital gain or you have good income. If you have a large gain or substantial income, you may want to offset that gain or income with a charitable deduction through a gift of stock. Because you receive both the charitable deduction and a bypass of capital gains tax, there is a double benefit for your gift of stock.


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IRS Publishes "Dirty Dozen" Tax Scams

On order to give notice to Americans and warn them about promoters of these plans, the IRS explains the basic strategies. IRS Acting Commissioner Steven Miller stated, "This tax season, the IRS has stepped up its efforts to protect taxpayers from a wide range of schemes, including moving aggressively to combat identity theft and refund fraud. The Dirty Dozen list shows that scams come in many forms during filing season.

High School Dropout Crisis

The United States is failing its children.

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